Project Coordination

Planning an addition, kitchen or bath renovation? Lynn is an expert in looking over plans and helping you develop them to get the space that dreams are made of. Your face should light up every time you walk into your new rooms. Lynn understands construction and talks the trade’s language. She can work with your contractor to help you design, purchase and complete a renovation or new build.


Need help deciding on colors? Lynn is a color expert and will help you pick the perfect color for both your home’s interior or exterior. Being a member of the Color Marketing Group, CMG, she works with experts in all fields and follows trends and styles.

Redesign, remodel and reimagine

Self described as a Redesigner, Lynn will work with you and your cherished possessions to incorporate them into a new look for your home. By changing color, rearranging furniture, adding a few new pieces, and maybe adding a new rug…Viola a whole new look for your home.

Of course, you may want to do a lot of this work on your home yourself but need some guidance. The world has changed and so has the way we shop for our homes. We all spend a lot of time online sourcing products and ideas. For a shopping fee, Lynn can find the perfect pieces for your home or help you as you shop. Product knowledge is an essential trade and her expertise can help you from making costly decorating mistakes. Guiding you about when to splurge and where to save are ways she can help you. Her designer cost to you for items such as furniture, rugs and lighting will always be below retail.

Need help?

Do you enjoy working on your home but need some advice? Lynn will work with clients who want to do it themselves but need some guidance. The added value of her ideas, knowledge, skills and resources are invaluable to make any project worthy. For an hourly fee, she will consult with you to set up a priority plan and help you move forward at your own pace. Taking on projects large or small, Lynn is your go-to person.

Contact Lynn today to start your project.